Making the Message Unique

Brian Solis, author of blog Brian Solis, writes about engaging what is referred to as “Generation C” in his post titled “4 Steps to Connecting with-and Engaging-Generation C.” Solis states that “Generation C” refers to empowered, connected consumers. These consumers expect four things when connecting with companies:

  • Comfort with Digital Exhibitionists
  • Companies understanding of each customer
  • Finding friends and gaining trust
  • Developing a new, dynamic customer journey

Solis argues that Generation C is focused on engagement and inter-connectivity. People are using various forms of social media to stay connected with each other and share information. This practice of inter-connectivity can be beneficial for companies so that they can see what consumers think, feel, their daily activities, and how they are responding to various products that are on the market.

I agree with the points Solis states within his post. We are all consumers, and if you’re using various forms of social media to keep in touch with the communities around you, then you’re a part of Generation C also. Social media is a great way to both market and locate products. Taking it further, social media sites let us praise or trash talk a product. We are able to build connections with other consumers and expand our circles through our engagement on these sites.

In addition to the four expectations consumers have of companies on social media sites, I expect to learn something besides information about a product. For example, if I’m following the hair company L’Oreal on Twitter, I want tips on how to style my hair, instructions on how to create intricate hair designs, and knowledge of the ways in which celebrities are currently styling their hair. I want to follow a site that is creative and gives me new ideas.


If I want basic information about a product that is on the shelf of a store, I will go to the store and look at the product. As a consumer, I want more. I want something unique. I want a company to inspire me to try something new and make me think of a product in a new way.

Photo Credit: Tetra Pak via Compfight cc


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